l, am a bad girl (dairy queen ice cr...

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l, am a bad girl (dairy queen ice cr...
Tue, 02-22-2000 - 2:32am

l, am a bad girl (dairy queen ice cream cake.) don't deserve to be here...

I am so sick and tired of being a b%tch all the time. I am sick of telling one teenager to get in the shower and telling the other to get out. I am sick of telling them to turn off the stereo/computer/light and go to bed, and I am sick of telling them to get the h*ll out of bed to go to school.

I am P#ssed because I had to put a lock on my door to keep them out when I am not home only to find one of them used a screwdriver to get it off. My stepson lived in neglect before we got him and doesn't remember to eat breakfast or to take a lunch to school. He is skin and bones. Most of the groceries I have he has never heard of because his mother never bothered to have much food in the house. I am sick of having to chase his laundry while it dances around the room on its own unique energy.

I know and I am aware that all this makes me sound and act like a total cow. I am just so sick of always being a b#tch. I have quit my diet and yup I ate every thing naughty today and I don't care who knows it. I feel like I have nothing anymore anyway. I don't have privacy, I don't have confidence in the knowledge that my 3 year old will survive while I am at work, because some teenager "forgot" to feed her. I just feel like if I can't have food what can I have? I can't have the gym, because they all fight about who will look after the 3 yr old while I am at the gym. Then she picks up on it and throws a fitty because she doesn't want the others "babysittering" her.

I can not begin to discribe the utter frustration I feel.