No more large sizes for me (M)

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No more large sizes for me (M)
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 7:46pm

No more large sizes for me (M)

I have a big presentation to make tomorrow. I needed a serious suit, and my closet of separates was not going to cut it. I promised myself no "investment" (read expensive) clothes until I was closer to goal (218/202/140, started Dec 1, 2002). However, I came to the conclusion that I had to buy a suit.

So, dreading what I thought would be a fruitless search, I went to the career section and picked out a Jones NY suit in a 16. I went in the dressing room, sighed, thinking, how depressing a dressing room is if your options are limited and that BROAD expanse of mirror shows EVERY ripple and bulge. YUCK. Sigh again. I put on the pants and they fit. OMG, I thought. No struggle.

Now, not only did they fit, they looked OK. Really OK. Not as good as 5 or 25 lbs from now, but I was really presentable. I kept looking and looking, and then put on the 16 jacket. It was, OMG, TOO BIG (in the shoulders and chest)! I still bought it, since I needed the room in the butt, but I will be making a trip to the tailor pretty soon to TAKE IT IN.

I put on the whole outfit, and went out of the fitting room to find the sales person to ask her opinion. I WAS NOT EMBARASSED TO ASK HER OPINION. This is a huge thing for me! I always knew I looked horrible in clothes, why invite ridicule or insincere salesperson chatter? But this time, I knew it was really ok. Not gorgeous, not stunning, but PRETTY DARN OK.

Another 20 lbs, and I will be more OK. And at 140 (or whatever the right number is) I will be stunning, I will be fabulous, and I WILL NEVER WEAR a size 18 again. Goodbye to the WOMEN'S SIZES. Period.

This feels good, it feels real. I have had my share of jungle runs, but I keep coming back to the way that makes me feel my best- less bloated, more awake, etc etc. That is a WOL, after all. There are good days and not so good days, I need to keep at it. It produces results.

Thanks for letting me share. Next goal- get under 200. Maybe by April 1.