I survived the weekend! (more or less...

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I survived the weekend! (more or less...
Mon, 03-11-2002 - 10:23am

I survived the weekend! (more or less) (m)

The wedding went off without a hitch! In fact, I'd say it was the smoothest wedding in history. Everyone was on time, the photographer had his act together (so did his assistant), the banquet manager was extremely prepared, the food was wonderful (and I didn't have much to worry about except the cake, of course), and the dresses were what they were supposed to be, and it only ran a few minutes behind schedule.

I didn't botch the lines, though I did almost cry several times, and I managed to make myself heard even to the elderly people in the back row! Got many compliments on the "beautiful ceremony." I'm just so glad it went as well as it did. It was really an honor to perform the ceremony for them.

The bride and groom were shaking and tearing up and then when it was all over they were glowing! It was, well, adorable. And makes me look forward to performing more.

Currently I'm relaxing at work and waiting for my employee evaluation thingie. Wish me luck! It should be smoother sailing from here!


(A much more relaxed) Elinor