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Sat, 05-29-2004 - 8:41am
I had a session at the gym with the personal trainer, and I have such sore calve muscles to the point, if I am sitting or laying down for any length of time, I can't walk when I first stand up. My calves are so locked up and sore...what can I do to ease this? I am a beginner exerciser...thatnks
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Sat, 05-29-2004 - 3:24pm

Sorry to hear about your very sore calf muscles. As a beginning exerciser, that can be discouraging. But you did the right thing by using a trainer but the workout


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Mon, 05-31-2004 - 10:14am

If you're continuing with your trainer, let him/her know just how sore your muscles were, to the point walking was difficult.


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Wed, 06-02-2004 - 11:29am
Are you taking any meds that deplete potassium - diuretics, for example? Maybe a general vitamin supplement will help you restore that if you're actually cramping up. There are potassium supplements available, but those come with their own serious warnings about overdoing them. Bananas, potatoes, canteloupe are great potassium sources. Also, are you taking statins for cholesterol control? Those can cause general muscle weakness and pain, and could contribute to the problem - your doctor should be told about the pain you're experiencing if you're on statins.

Stretching gently, massage, ibuprofen, heat, and rest - all great advice!


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Tue, 12-28-2004 - 4:37am
First you must drink a lot of water during exercising and after. Before exercising you can eat some low sugar (usually carbs like cereals, bars, ) or drink some gatorade. The sugar is going to be used as fuel by the muscle and will prevent the formation of lactic acid. Also, if you are a beginner, don't over exercise. You might feel very enthousiastic and willing to push yourself but your muscles are not feeling the same way. This is to try to prevent the soreness.
When the soreness is killing you, a warm bath is going to relax your muscles and a massage will help to get rid of the lactic acid. A good lymphatic drainage to eliminate all the toxins (lactic acid is toxin) is the best to heal and to prevent more soreness.
I am a body therapist and work with doctors and spas. Pressotherapy would be the ideal treatment for you. If you want more info on how it works and all the benefits you can get from it, contact me at I will be glad to answer all your questions and send you some doc. Don't forget to drink a lot of water. Everyday at least 2 liters, and when you exercise, more.
Good luck an Happy Holidays!