Roll Call - April/May 2005

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Roll Call - April/May 2005
Wed, 04-27-2005 - 1:15pm

Thought it might be a good idea for a roll call, what with all the new members who've joined us.....soooooo....

Tell us your name, age if you'd like, where you live, family, pets, employed at home or outside and, briefly, what made you join our motley crew.



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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 1:23pm

I'm Donna. Yes, I like my age! From East Walpole (1/2 between Boston and Providence). Family is DH (Peter) of almost 23 years - no kids, no pets. My side of the family is nearby, DH's is in MA, NY, and CA; prominent in the family are my three nieces and two nephews (one niece in CA) - you'll hear about the local little niece and nephew ad nauseum! I work in marketing for a large engineering firm.

I joined the board because I was looking for a place where I could get ideas/thoughts/plans/inspiration to start getting fit. Now, I'm fitter, and even better, I have a wonderful bunch of friends that I never would have had the opportunity to know but for the Internet.

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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 2:58pm

I'm Patty and I'm 39 FOREVER :) Live in VA with

Miss P


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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 5:18pm

I'm Rhonda and I'd like to feel like I did when I was 33!! My husband, 16-yr. old son, and I live in Jacksonville, FL, where I've lived all but 12 years of my life. I have a daughter who'll be 29 in June, lives in Orlando, and is engaged to be Married 11/11.

I love the beach, to work in the yard and flower garden, read, am a carb craver, and a licensed interior designer sort of retired, I guess. I do volunteer work sometimes for Republican organizations and causes and the American Cancer Society. DH and I got bikes a few weeks ago and have started riding again.

We have 2 spoiled Yorkies and 3 house cats. Most of my family is in Jacksonville, but I have a sister, niece, and 2 great nieces, along with various other relatives in Southern MD.



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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 5:42pm

I'm Susan. I'm 51. I live in Long Island, NY. I have 3 children-2 girls one boy, oldest is 25 and is a NYC teacher currently teaching 1st grade, middle daughter is 23 and will soon be leaving the nest and relocating to MA, my baby boy is 19 currently working at our local bicycle, fitness and mower store and is enrolled in courses studying heating and air conditioning. I'm married 28 years and I work full time at a law firm. We have a lovable but garbage loving beagle mix named Otto who is my favorite walking companion.

I came to the board looking for woman my age who were also struggling with issues related to the over "40" variety. I love it here and all the members and was very fortunate to be able to get together with some of them at the Asheville NC trip.

Susan (bnl)

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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 6:48pm

I'm Nancy, 54 and living in South Dakota.


"Make Choices that bring you joy"  cl-Patty


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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 8:46am

Linda, less than a week away from 43 (not shy about it, either - I'll shout my age from a hilltop), in the midlands of South Carolina. Married to Dan (The Cus) for 15-1/2 years, worn out parents of Allison Dale, age 6, a talkative and bright Kindergartener. No pets unless you count Allison's bear!

Currently doing the stay-at-home mom thing, though I'll probably start working part-time for a financial counseling group within the next year. I won't be a certified financial planner (takes much longer to earn that certificate), but I'll be counseling people on budgets and debt, which is something I enjoy doing over on the Family Finances board.

I've been posting at iVillage since June 1998 when I was preggo and have been on the Nov 98 board since. I first posted here in Feb 2003 after starting a fitness program a month earlier, asking about how to relieve a muscle pull. Decided within a week that I like it here! Y'all haven't chased me away yet, so I guess you're stuck with me ;^).



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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 8:49am

Hi Donna :)

My name is Amber. I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and 2 youngest daughters (Courtney, 14 & LeiLani, 5). I also have a 21 year old daughter (Veronica) who is happily married (Sam) and lives about 6 miles away from me :)

We have 1 gorgeous boxer/lab mix named Princess. Right now, she's living with Veronica & sam for the summer while we housesit for my inlaws (who are spending the summer in Germany with their oldest son and his family). Here, we have 3 huge, old dogs to take care of.

Currently, I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to homeschool a 9th grader and a pre-schooler. This coming school year, LeiLani will be going to public school. However, Courtney will probably continue to be homeschooled. We haven't really decided yet. As for work, I'm trying to get a sewing business started, but it's not as easy as I hoped it would be. Especially seeing as I make Renaissance & Medieval costumes. My dream is to one day travel with a Renaissance Faire.

I'm 41 years old and out of shape. I want to tone up and lose about 30 pounds. I'm having a really hard time getting any support from my family. They just seem to think I'm joking whenever I say that I'm unhappy with myself. So, I went searching for support and encouragement on-line. That's when I found this board (and I'm so happy that I did).

Well, I hope I haven't bored you all but that's my story :)

~ Amber ~

~*~ Daisy ~*~

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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 8:50am
My name is Tricia. I am 56 and I live in Minnesota. I work as a public defender, and one of my issues is that my job leaves me feeling tired and stressed, and sometimes I use that as an excuse not to exercise although we belong to a great gym which is only about a mile from our house. I've been married for 35 years, and we have three children: Cristin age 35, Seamus age 33, and Brian age 31. Our daughter is married and has a very sweet daugter named Keegan. My husband recently took a job transfer to Arizona, and I have signed up to take the Arizona bar exam in July. I haven't started studying as much as I should be yet, but that's another thing that's keeping me stressed and tired. The women on this board are very supportive, and for me, very inspiring. Some days I don't post, but when I come on and read how everyone is working out and eating intelligently, it helps me try to do the same. Thanks everyone.
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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 8:55am

Susan (although the girls here call me Sassy for some reason), 44 (had to stop and do the math), married to DH for (again, stopping to do the math) 22 years this September.



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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 1:26pm

Anna, 42, Silicon Valley,
DH: Very Italian (born and raised in Bologna, Italy) just got his O1 visa to come work here in the US
DD: 14, DS: 12; both kids currently living with the ex, but visiting in May, then moving for the new schoolyear (I hope!).

Right now, we're in temporary housing, but our new (rental)house (complete with lemon tree, jacuzzi *and* hottub) will be available May 20.

I've been hanging out here since about age 38 and started getting serious about being fit. I love you gals - you're so inspirational.