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New to board
Mon, 01-30-2006 - 3:53pm
Hi everyone! I am new to this board although I have been lurking for a while. What a great bunch. My name is Deb and I live 40 miles south of St Louis but I am from Northern Illinois. I have 3 grown daughters and until just recently had been raising my 9 year old grandson. So, right now gals, I am going through empty nest syndrome! I work full time as a Hospice director and try to keep very busy. I love to walk, do Pilates and I try to be pretty faithful so I can stay fit like the rest of this group!!! I have always been very active and believe me, that came in handy raising a grandson with ADD. I'm really glad to be part of this group. Deb
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Mon, 01-30-2006 - 4:56pm
Well hello Deb and welcome to our group. Sounds like you have a good fit going with being healthy and fit. We look forward to hearing more from you. We actually have 3 Debs now, including myself. We have a big variety of health and fitness levels going on. We have a variety of ages with our families, some still raising little ones to some who are home alone again. Please post and just jump right on in!



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Mon, 01-30-2006 - 5:07pm

Hi, Deb, and welcome!


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Mon, 01-30-2006 - 6:54pm
Welcome Deb....!!!
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Mon, 01-30-2006 - 9:07pm

Hi Deb. Welcome. Great bunch of women here, as you already discovered.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you. Nutrition is a topic to ask you about, I see from your post. Hmmmm. I will file that away!




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Mon, 01-30-2006 - 9:36pm
Hi Deb and welcome to the board!Our only son has gone to college so we have a bit of the empty nest going on.Though

Miss P


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Tue, 01-31-2006 - 8:29am

Finally....someone that is at least in the same state :-)


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Wed, 02-01-2006 - 9:57pm
Hi number 4 Deb.

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Sat, 02-18-2006 - 8:33pm
Welcome Deb!