Storms ~ July Journal

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Storms ~ July Journal
Wed, 07-11-2007 - 8:30am

It's been a couple of weeks since I’ve started back into a real exercise groove. I’ve always exercised but I’m stepping it up a notch or three before my wedding in August.

The exercise bit is coming along well – now it’s just a matter of keeping the ‘eating’ in check.

My goal is to lose 10lbs or 1.5 inches of fat (that little bulge above the belly button that shows through every shirt I own and shows my ‘muffin top’ over every pair of pants I own. My goal is to lose this in the next month.

Here was my day on Tuesday, July 10 – official day 1.

Woke up at 5:15
5:30 – breakfast: ½ ww. English muffin with an egg, Canadian bacon, ff cheese and a V8
EXERCISE: 6:00 – gym, worked out for 45 minutes, weights circuit
9:30 – pear and a cheese string
12:00 – Lunch: Mixed salad (no dressing) with chicken breast, and a V8
EXERCISE: 1:00-2:00 – HARD core spinning class
2:30 – banana
3:30 – apple
EXERCISE: Walked for 15 minutes (from the parking to the festival site)
5:30 – Dinner: Chicken thigh (bbq’d with skin), ½ cup of rice pilaf, 2 cups mixed salad, ww dinner roll, and a fresh fruit salad
8:00 – light beer
9:00 – 2 glasses or red wine and a Jamaican patty
EXERCISE: 10:00 – Walked for 15 minutes (from the festival site to our car)
10:30 – small handful of almonds before bed

Definitely happy with my exercise – felt very strong at the end of the day and slept like a baby (maybe that was the wine, though ;) ).

Tonight we are at the festival again, so I think I will not have any beer – just the wine and will need to make a better food choice instead of that yummy Jamaican patty.

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Wed, 07-11-2007 - 11:31am

Hey Jessica, I noticed you are a fellow Canadian - where abouts are you? What festival are you going to?

Looks like a fabulous day in terms of your exercise, and I bet you did some walking around at teh festival to work off that Jamaican patty!!

Great day!

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Wed, 07-11-2007 - 2:00pm
Looks and sounds like a GREAT day Jessica :-)
Have fun at the fair tonight-- do you volunteer there or do you go for social activity??


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Wed, 07-11-2007 - 2:10pm
This year we volunteered - we get the pass if we volunteer so we decided to go for it. It's pretty fun.
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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 7:51am

I'm in Ontario - so I'm enjoying the Bluesfest in Ottawa this week. Actually getting pretty tired with these late nights and early mornings. Can't do that so much anymore 'in my thirties'. :)

Thankfully, i do a lot of walking around and some dancing so i should at least be burning off a little of the food i'm eating.

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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 10:28am
It's always nice to volunteer in things like that Jessica- plus I think when you volunteer you get more opportunities to meet other people! How long is the festival (ie. how many more late nights do you have to endure LOL)?


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Thu, 07-12-2007 - 11:45am

Oh you're way out east! I know what you mean about the late nights taking a toll! How on earth did we do it when we were young??

Anyways I'm sure you are getting a good whack of walking in while you're there!!

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