What does your membership get you?

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What does your membership get you?
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:11pm
Well I paid 700 annual fee all at once and got 2 mths free and 100 in spa (the combo deal from a friend who works there) BUT...

Tanning EXTRA

Back studio classes EXTRA

Information classes EXTRA


Babysitting EXTRA



ALWAYS SIGNING UP NEW MEMBERS and the place is TOO SMALL for more than 20 people in the main area

thats my gripe of the day!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 12:28pm
i'm very happy with both of my memberships:

YMCA $70/month for whole family, no committment... includes indoor and outdoor pool, fitlinxx, a large number of classes, but no lockers for overnight use. unfortunately water aerobics classes, yoga, and certain other classes are extra, but they are at a discount for members. for instance yoga is $58 for 8 weeks. also includes free instructor training, free cpr training for instructors, and once i'm certified (though i do have to pay for my own ACE or AFAA certification), free CEC credits. once i am teaching, my membership will be free (but we'll still have to pay about $30/month for my bf)

even better my at-work gym is $12/pay period (no commitment) taken directly out of my paycheck, includes 11 classes per week (including yoga), and basically a free personal trainer, including assistance on equipment, free body fat testing, assistance designing strength training routines, etc. lockers are extra but i just use my office as my locker.

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 2:20pm
You know this is my gripe, too. The fee is about $120/mo for individual, $195/family, initiation about $1000. Unlimited basic classes. Not enough crosstrainers/treadmills and there is a wait at popular times and a 30 minute limit. There is a sauna, steam room, sunbathing area, jacuzzi. Towel service.

Other classes (anything off the schedule, pilates on machine) EXTRA

Information classes EXTRA


Babysitting EXTRA (and not cheap)

NO HEART RATE MONITOR LENDERS (no heart rate monitors at all)


NO magazines, TV, music for headsets

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 11:20pm
Jen, the fact that you have two memberships somehow doesn't surprise me! LOL, very cool set up on your work one, sounds almost like mine on the military base!


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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 11:29pm
All classes are paid for by coupons that sell for $2; or you can get a book of 10 for $15 or book of 30 for $35. All the cardio equip is well maintained with hr monitors on them (except rowing machines) and there are audio stations hooked into the tv system (15 in all, I think) for you to listen to, or you listen to da kine radio. The place is rarely so busy you have to wait, though it happens during lunch sometimes. Most folks are pretty good about letting you work in for weights or keeping to limits on cardio machines (there are always exceptions).

There are racquetball courts, sauna and locker-rooms. Lockers can be purchased for the whopping fee of $12 for six months or $20 for the year. There is no pool, it is down the road, but then again, so is the beach:)

Babysitting is done through a co-op. Three, two hour shifts a month yield you up to four hours a day workout time that others will watch them. You can only have them there while you work out, but still, what a bargain!

The price though is pretty steep. My husband's total committment to America's safety and freedom and everything else that goes with that job as a military family!



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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 4:18am
Hi... new to the board and relatively new to working out. You guys are an inspiration!

I just had to share my gym frustrations! I am working in Kosovo and the "best" gym in town is a TINY, overcrowded, sweaty little room. They wanted $50 a month but a friend advised me to negotiate and my bf and I ended up paying 6 months in advance for about $33 a month. What do we get?

5 stationary bikes -- programmable once you figure out the instructions (in German), and with the teeniest, tiniest, hardest little seats in the world.

2 elliptical trainers

2 stairmasters (1 working)

NO treadmills

NO rowing machines

Classes? Fuhgeddaboutit!

1 each of standard weight machines -- leg press, extension, curl, shoulder press, lat pulldown, etc.

1 multi-station cable machine

2 Smith cages

some benches and free weights

NO power cage where you can do reg squats

4 mats with ab rollers

The best part is the clientele -- an enchanting mix of pumped up peacekeepers and local men who do massive swinging bicep curls, or grunt through three reps then drop the weights with a clatter and stalk around the room on their little stick legs breathing through the nose like a charging bull. Or impossibly skinny women who wrap their legs with plastic wrap in the locker room and hog the machines doing something like 75 reps at 30 lbs on the leg press. ARGH!! The entertainment value is quite high, and at least it allows one to feel smug for knowing about things like, say, FORM. But still!

Add to the mix 12 lockers, frequent power outages, no towel service, etc. and it can make for an interesting experience! Oh how I miss my gym in NYC.

Hoping to become a true gym rat like the rest of you....


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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 11:49am
Ok, I know that it isn't funny, but that really was. Please tell me that your job includes that off the cuff humor in some form of media. If it doesn't, you should really consider writing on the side.

Sorry to hear that it is such a nightmare where you are. We've been there, Bermuda comes to mind as a fairly pathetic place (at least for the first two years, we got a brand new gym the last year we were there, mind you they closed the base two years later).

I'm glad that you have joined us and hope that you stick around. Being a Gym Rat has nothing to do with your facilities and everything to do with the heart, it sounds like you are a kindred spirit.



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Wed, 04-09-2003 - 12:41pm
I pay about $22 a month ($265 a year) at the park district. I have use of two facilities, one has a small weight room (free and LifeFitness) with two treadmills, four steppers, and three recumbent bikes, and a gymnasium. The outdoor pool is extra, my membership only covers the year-round pools.

The other facility has a variety of cardio equipment, a 200m track, free weights, LifeFitness machines, a lap pool, a diving well, whirlpool and sauna, basketball, wallyball, and raquetball courts. Both have temporary lockers and showers.

Classes (water and land) are extra, personal trainers are extra, there is no tanning, no spa, no daycare, no frills, but there is an onsite (also extra) physical therapist or masseuse at the larger facility.

I've got what I need with little financial committment! No initiation fee either.


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