Jen, re: your classes, etc.

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Jen, re: your classes, etc.
Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:27pm
I was heading off topic under the creative abs post, so I figured I should start a new thread instead.

In regards to instructor knowledge you may find some w/ less technical knowledge than myself, but the doesn't make them less of an instructor (as long as they understand & acknowledge those limitions - we should always admit we don't know something when we don't have the answer to a question, then try to find that answer), so don't hold it against them. Every instructor/PT has their niche. It'd be fabulous if we could all be great all 'round instructors, but we're only human & nobody's capable of perfection. My focus is on education. I'm not a very funky, dynamic instructor. I'm a straight forward, 'why & how' kind of instructor that keeps things fairly basic (although I offer options galore). Although I can put people through a killer workout I like to provide clients/participants the tools to be able to make the most of whatever workout or class they choose to do, adjusting up or down to their level. So, I'm a good source of practical knowledge & a variety of resistance exercise options, but you'll probably learn more fun & funky new moves from the other ladies here (have you been to Especially Debra Wa & her video collection. A bit of advice on choreography though. Put on some good, upbeat music that you really enjoy at home & just do your thing. Don't think about it too much, just do it. If something feels right, write it down then add on to it. Then see if you can cue it. The other thing you should do is get to as many classes as you can mentally & physically bear to do. Borrowing ideas is perfectly acceptable (& flattering I think). Also, I often discover other classes trigger new ideas for me in terms of cuing & options for basic moves (I use yoga & Step in kickboxing, yoga & ballet in resistance training, resistance training & Step in high/low, etc.). Go to other classes, pick a back corner where you won't throw off other participants & try following, but come up w/ your own arms or variations of the footwork. Cue it in your head while you're at it. Most instructors will understand & not be offended by this, if you're not disrupting the class. If you're worried they might be though, let them know ahead of time what you're doing (flatter them & they'll forgive you just about anything). ;-)

One of my ladies just finished her certification a little over a week ago. She now has her own class one morning a week. I'm pleased, proud & flattered by the fact that she feels I'm greatly responsible for this, but it was her all the way. Her energy, enthusiasm & sense of humour will make her a great instructor. I'm also pleased to say that the other two who are just about done their certification are doing well & the participants are happy w/ all our new instructors. They're all nervous & highly critical of themselves, as I bet you are too, but as long as they & you use it to your benefit & instead of getting bogged down by it you'll do well. Just remember why you're doing it, have fun & you'll be great.

Good luck & take care.

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Tue, 04-08-2003 - 4:56pm
thanks a lot for the support and advice! (nt)