Have we been doing logs, today...

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Have we been doing logs, today...
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:22am
I am doing Passover at my house, my mom is not even Jewish but she keeps up the tradition for me. This year it will be Mike (my stepdad), Mike (my SO) and my mom.

PS the lack of bread will keep my weight down at least.

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:35am
good passover or whatever the proper thing is to say. it doesn't seem right to say "happy passover" because it's not a particularly happy holiday...hmmm. it should be good for your diet, IF you don't replace the bread with all kinds of macaroons and stuff!

today i have interval training at lunch time, and step tonight. i'm going to ask if i can do the warm up, i'm sure she'll say yes.

i take back what i said about my arms. i'm wearing a sleeveless top today for the first time this year and i think you can tell by looking at my arms that i work out. i happened to look down while holding my coffee mug and was like..."whoa, muscles!"

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 10:52am
I will be observing the Passover this evening too so, I'll probably be getting my run in this afternoon. Monday I ran 2.81 miles. Today my goal is to run AT LEAST 2.82 miles and my ultimate goal will be 3 miles.
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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 11:37am
I just remembered this morning that I had forgotten all about daily logs. What if we add a willpower section to our daily logs? It could be things like millcreek going all the way back to the gym to get her workout, eeking out one more set when you didn't think you could, or bypassing desserts, chocolate, etc.

Does anyone else ever jump to a post by cop girl (I think that's her name) from way back when? Sometimes, I'll click on the first post and it'll take me to that post. At first, I thought it was a new post but I just noticed the date was a long time ago. How strange. A ghost post.

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 6:47pm
Monday: 3 hrs, Circuit class, Simply Class, Jazzercise

Tuesday: 2 hrs, Jazzercise class am, Circuit class pm

Wednesday: 2 hrs, Body sculpting, Jazzercise 2night.

That catches me up! Been doing a lot of weighted lunges and squats. I can feel it! Deb

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 10:35am
I'm back in (on) the saddle again! I rode 10.8 miles on the LifeCycle last night (about 20mph, intensity 10/20) and then ran a 5k on the treadmill, followed both with about 40 minutes of weights, my typical drop sets. I feel GREAT today! Now I've got to figure out what to do tonight--my options are dumbbells and calisthenics at home, go to the gym and bike/run/generic cardio, yoga at home, or just chill out. I guess I'll have to wait and see when I get out of here today!

Have a great day girlies!


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