Hiking and Energy...

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Hiking and Energy...
Thu, 05-08-2003 - 2:43pm
It was neat to see the replies to my hiking post below (pictures). Some members brought up the spiritual/mystical/energy that surrounds Sedona. I did see a lot of retreat places that intrigued me, and we never did get to do a Vortex tour. I think that would take a lot of open mindedness from Eric bless his heart. The Cathedral Rock hike (with the rocks in the pic) did have information about the vortex. I know nothing about them so I want to do research. I normally have "fear" when it comes to doing new things, and I didn't at all there on that hike. I wanted to make it to the top and I wasn't scared (I thought I would be) after the guy mentioned vertigo. So I wonder......I just have had such a special feeling in my heart and body since visiting Sedona.

One other thing--the homes there were incredible. Some on the large side but they looked like artwork. Very unique design. Imagine being able to hike to special places right from your front door. Mtn biking was huge in the red rocks too, we brought our bike shorts (padded!) but ran out of time. Our jeep tour guide said she won't do the mtn biking in the red rocks we were at because she'd be too embarrassed in front of her co-workers who may jeep by. She said it's an expert area. I haven't done any mtn biking (even though I have a mtn bike LOL..just ride it around) so I bet you here who do it must love it. I noticed people wore pads on their knees on some of those really rocky trails.