Lean Cuisine type meals

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Lean Cuisine type meals
Fri, 05-09-2003 - 1:33pm
Does anyone know of a worthwhile frozen dinner? One that would be low cal with decent amounts of protein and veggies and isn't loaded with preservatives? Is this a pipe dream?

I'm always on the run at night and usually don't have time to cook and thought I would try a Lean Cuisine type meal. I know that I could cook things ahead of time- I sometimes do that, and I keep easy to prepare nutritious snacks/mim-meals on hand. I just thought I would look into it and if there was something that was decent I would try it.

Thanks for any feedback!


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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 2:03pm
i don't like most frozen foods (i think it's the preservatives, it all kinda tastes alike to me!), but there are two kinds i do eat. i don't know how low fat or low calorie they all are but they are organic...

i like some of the amy's organic frozen meals -there's a burrito i like but can't remember which one, the low fat pot pie, the thai stirfry veggies over rice (270 cal 7g protein 11g fat).

also celentano frozen italian entrees (all organic) seem to be low fat and similar in calories to lean cuisine - for instance Celentano Spinach & Broccoli Stuffed Shells (200 cal 11g protein 2.5g fat), Celentano Broccoli Stuffed Shells (260 cal 12g protein 5g fat), Celentano Spinach & Broccoli Manicotti (220 cal 12g protein 4g fat).

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Fri, 05-09-2003 - 3:51pm
I'd read the labels with frozen meals because they're usually loaded with sodium. There are some that aren't, usually in the health food section. There are some organic ones that make more of an effort, like Amy's, Annie's or Linda McCartney's and the new one Seeds of Change. It seems like organic companies try harder to make them healthier. With Lean Cuisine, I find the portions are too small because they're trying to keep the calories low so I end up hungry soon after, but I'm a big eater. I like those just add hot water soups and meals you get from Trader Joes (split pea soup, black bean soup, etc.). Sometimes I just add frozen veggies to broth sometimes for a quick meal.