Health/Fitness books?

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Health/Fitness books?
Thu, 06-19-2003 - 10:51am
OK, this is a bit like jen's question, but I'm limiting it to books related to health and fitness. Do you guys have any books -- be it Arnold's Body Building Dictionary or a vegan cookbook -- that you have found really useful in helping you get into shape, train better, motivate you, or eat healthier?

I wish I had one to recommend but all I read these days is on the internet!

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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 11:26am
Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier, which i previously recommended to jean, is cool for getting a sense of where different muscles are and what exercises work what muscle.

in terms of healthy eating, i found the nutritional info in "the vegan sourcebook" by joanne stepaniak to be very useful. also, i don't really cook, but joanne's cookbook, "the saucy vegetarian," is very useful for people who are trying to eat a whole foods diet and who don't really cook. it is a book of no-cook sauces, dressings, and dips, which are great to top off salads or veggies/legumes/grains. so it's great for a whole foods diet, you can just steam veggies and pick a sauce to make for on top. i use it as inspiration to make up my own recipes.

i have a nutrition reference book which i used to use a lot, though some of the info is out of date. it lists the nutritional values of all foods. i think that info is available on the web now, though. it also has chapters on different nutritional topics, like diabetes and nutrition, nutrition and sports, etc. i think it's out of print now, but when i was looking for it online, i came across another nutrition book that looks really good:

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Thu, 06-19-2003 - 11:38am
My absolute favorite is "Jonny Bowden't Shape Up! The 8-Week Program to Transform your Body, Your Health, and Your Life." I've read it 3 times and I keep it on hand at all times. It's full of great information - not just dieting, but information about nutrition and fitness. Jonny Bowden is a contributor on ivillage, you may want to check out some of his weighloss coach articles.