I am...

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I am...
Tue, 04-29-2008 - 9:37pm

obsessive with being fit. Unfortunately, I used to force myself to go to the gym at 4 times a week along with a yoga session. I was so obsessive that it got to the point where I would cut school if it didn't fit into my "schedule."

Eventually I got fed up, and decided I would work out 60-80 minutes 6 days a week, involving yoga, rollerblading, powerwalking, and the gym . I'm actually going to start belly dancing courses.

I hope this question doesn't sound stupid, but, is my newfound workout regimen still

-Carolyn Mona
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Wed, 04-30-2008 - 8:34am
The most important thing is to find something you enjoy so I think it sounds great. If I could make any suggestions, it would be to add strength training to your schedule.