unconventional exercise

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unconventional exercise
Tue, 10-28-2008 - 7:04pm
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Wed, 10-29-2008 - 10:39am

Hi - it would help me if I knew what "real submission wrestle" was. So maybe you can explain that a bit.

From the details of some of the fights, it sounds very violent and not anything I would be into. But that's me. As to whether or not you should do it despite what your husband wants, that's a very individual decision, based on your relationship and your values. This sounds like a very extreme sport so his opinion might make more of a difference than if you wanted to, say, start baking cookies for a living, and he didn't want you to. So ... that's my 2 cents for the morning. I'm all for a woman being strong and her own individual but I don't think spouses should do that at the expense of the other. It would work both ways. And his being away wouldn't really have any bearing on your decision. If he was home all the time, would that mean you'd find something less drastic

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Thu, 10-30-2008 - 7:43am

It sounds like you have several issues at play:


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Fri, 10-31-2008 - 10:59am

i've reread this post a couple of times and i still don't get it. is this a sport, or is more like a "fight club"?

as the others have noted, this is really a relationship question, not a exercise-related question, and i don't feel that i have anything to contribute to the relationship issue. but i was thinking that if you were looking for another sport that offered a lot of female bonding, exercise, competition,