Low(er) Heart Rate

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Low(er) Heart Rate
Fri, 11-21-2008 - 4:11pm

I probably know the answer to this but am drawing a blank so... help. :)

I did my strength/cardio intervals this morning and noticed that my heart rate was significantly lower than usual. I still felt like I was working hard although I started to wonder by looking at those numbers.

This afternoon, I did my HIIT cardio (which is 30 minutes total - 30 sec high/low intervals) and again my heart rate was lower than it usually is during this exercise. It wasn't as significant as in the morning but I was running about 6-8 beats lower than usual and I was definitely working hard.

Thoughts as to why this could be? I've been trying to think of factors that might affect it. I slept a little bit better last night thanks to a new pillow but still didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. It's weird.

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Fri, 11-21-2008 - 6:06pm
Is your heart rate normally consistent with RPE?

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Sat, 11-22-2008 - 11:17am
My "layman's" thoughts are that diet, stress, hormones, medication, fitness level, and environment would make it vary.