Lack of motivation!

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Lack of motivation!
Sun, 02-15-2009 - 7:31pm

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, but not new to working out. The problem is, I have lost my motivation. I have the tools to sit down and make a really good workout plan, I have an amazing brand new gym to work out at that has everything I could ever ask for, but I just don't have the drive!

I'm wondering if I can't stick to my programs that I create because they are either too boring, or I don't see results quickly enough. I know the second option isn't even a factor, because I'm the type who expects results way too soon. At any rate, I want to become active for good, not really to lose any weight, but just to be happy and healthy.

Hopefully I can find some motivation here!

Talk to you all soon,

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Sun, 02-15-2009 - 7:56pm

It kind of sounds to me that your goals are not specific enough.

Set very very specific short, medium, and long term goals and make a plan of how to achieve these goals.

Also, check out these links:

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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 8:29am
Hi L!

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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 9:13am

Yes, SRT and Jean gave you great advice.

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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 3:58pm
i agree with the others, who had great suggestions, but also working out with someone else can be good motivation. i work out with my friend and a lot of times i would ditch the workout if she weren't expecting me. it also makes it more fun, and i think that doing what you enjoy is the best motivation.
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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 5:06pm

Yeah, even going for a walk with a friend is a work out and a lot of fun.

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Tue, 02-17-2009 - 3:26pm

Keeping with the whole idea of goals - maybe you're making a plan that's too much for you - so that you're kind of overwhelmed before you start. Sometimes there really is no motivation except that being active is just a part of your life. You have to make that committment regardless of the activities involved. So maybe you can make and keep a committment to get 30 minutes of exercise doing whatever it is you feel like doing that day! Whether it's a formal workout, or doing something just because it's fun, not that the two are mutually exclusive!! Break it all down into small, do-able steps and see if that helps. Just my 2 cents! Cathy :)