HIIT Question

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HIIT Question
Tue, 06-30-2009 - 10:16am
Hi everyone I have a question for you all. First let me introduce myself. I'm a 32 yo sahm and in the last year or so I have lost about 75 lbs doing watp and free weights. Lately I have been pretty bored with the videos (but I still love them) so I have transitioned to outside (not to mention I have hit a plateau and am looking for something a little different to loose the last 20-25 lbs that I would like to loose) walk/jogging at the park. I have been trying to introduce HIIT to my workouts here is what I do. I walk brisk for a few minutes to warm up, then run for a min walk for a minute alternating for three miles. This amounts to about an 11 min mile for me. My heart rate hits about 170 on the running intervals and drops to about 120 to 125 on the walking portion. Is this enough of a difference on the high vs. the low to see the rewards of HIIT???
I wear a heart rate monitor when I jog to keep track of time and my heartrate.
From what I can tell my resting heart rate is around 61-62 so I think I'm pretty close to my 90% of max hr.
I can jog longer would it be better for me to walk for a min and jog for two or is just reaching that max hr what you need to do to get the results.
So far I haven't really seen any change in weight but have lost about an inch off my waist and my thighs have slimmed down since implementing this change.
I also have been slacking on my resistance training so starting back today I will be adding my weights back into my routine
Thanks so much for your help!!

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