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I recently purchased a heart rate monitor. I had it on all day today and was amazed at how many calories I burned without actually exercising.

I always heard that the key to losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. I never believed that because I really had no idea on how many calories people burn during the day. According to my heart rate monitor, I

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Welcome to gym rats! Keep in mind that what the hrm says is a generalization, given someone's heart rate, and is not that accurate but it's probable that you burned at least 1000 calories a day, without doing any activity. You can have a resting heart rate test that tells you how many calories a day your body burns, doing nothing. I had it done and, for me, it was about 1800 calories. But, even without doing that, you could use your hrm the way you did to do an average over a few days. If it's about 1000 calories, then start increasing activities until you get it to 1250-1500. If you do that, cut 250-500 calories a day from food, you'll theoretically lose about 1-2 pounds a week which is a safe weight loss goal. As food goes, you can find free food journals online (I used to use but haven't in a long time) where you put in the food you eat, and it gives you a total. Or, you could just consciously cut out 250-500 calories, maybe by replacing some things you eat w/ veggies and other healthy low calorie food, cutting out soda/drinks/etc. Hope that helps!

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Yes, Welcome to Gymrats.