Jean - Q about BOSU video...

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Jean - Q about BOSU video...
Wed, 08-04-2010 - 10:21am

When I did the first DVD a while back, I remember feeling like my BOSU was inflated too much. So, I deflated it a little bit and that seemed to help. Today, I did part of Mindy's section and my BOSU feel *too* deflated. Almost like the surface was so unstable that I was concerned about rolling an ankle. I also had trouble going on and off of quickly because there was good traction between the rubber and my shoe.

Granted, I don't do classes or teach so this was my first experience doing cardio per se on the BOSU so it could just be a lack of conditioning on my part. Have you noticed discrepancies on the inflation per workout?

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Wed, 08-04-2010 - 12:50pm

Do you have an older BOSU (black rim) or newer one (gray)? We have both at the gym, the black ones are much taller than the gray, when properly inflated. Theoretically, the top of the BOSU should be 8 1/2"--easy to measure w/ a piece of paper. The gray rimmed ones are about 8 1/2".

Personally, I think there are some safety concerns with using the BOSU, ones that you've pointed out, plus it puts your ankles in a plantar flexed, pronated position which increases the chance, on an unstable surface, for injury IF you're not careful. I think it's good to work that way, because that's we're never stable in life (haha) but it does increase risk of injury. I always cue that people need to keep their feet flat and not let them turn out (push down on their big toe, use the adductors to pull in their knees). Also, people need to use crosstrainers, not running shoes, on them. Anyway, probably more than you wanted to know...

With the problems you're having, it does sound like it's underinflated but I have to say, I find it that way at conferences, though that's the way they say it's supposed to be. I like them overinflated, I guess, but in a gym setting, w/ many people using them, they pop off the rim and you can't do much after that but throw it away.