Tuesday Journal

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Tuesday Journal
Tue, 03-18-2008 - 8:28am

Well things are craptastic here in my world.

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Tue, 03-18-2008 - 9:03am

I have an easy day compared to yesterday.

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Tue, 03-18-2008 - 9:08am

I'm with ya...I feel really crappy today, too.

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Tue, 03-18-2008 - 11:42am

I ran 4km w/speed pickups this morning. Then I got right into my car as I ran into the gym parking lot and went to the grocery store to pick up food. That was dumb.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/protein powder, coffee
Snack: japanese rice crackers, cocoa snaps, pear, chickpeas
Lunch: butternut squash soup, organic pepperoni stick
Dinner: grilled cheese, tomato soup w/added veggies

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