Sunday, Sleepy Sunday

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Sunday, Sleepy Sunday
Sun, 04-13-2008 - 9:03am

I am taking the day off today - of working out, I mean.

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Sun, 04-13-2008 - 2:08pm

Good morning!

I did my first spin class today, and now I'm sitting comfy in my rocking chair while the hubby makes a good brunch for us of pancakes and sausage. Maybe if I'm lucky he'll make those little cinnamon rolls I love... :) The rest of the day following brunch is going to be devoted to cleaning the house and getting ready for the week. Nothing too exciting, I'm afraid, but it'll be good to relax a little.

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Sun, 04-13-2008 - 8:19pm

This weekend has been brutal...I am so tired and still have left a lot of things undone.