Richard Simmons??

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Richard Simmons??
Tue, 04-27-2010 - 11:36am
Remember Richard Simmons? Is anyone here working out with him ?Have you ever? Would you give him a try?

According to this iVillage interview with the fitness icon:

At almost 62-years-old, Richard Simmons still has the high-octane energy level of a toddler on Red Bull. Many of us grew up watching him on TV, pleading with Americans to come sweat to the oldies with him. After years of disordered eating and suffering with obesity, he’s lost 123 pounds and kept it off 41 years. In the process, he’s become a cultural icon. Always clad in a sparkly, crystal-encrusted tank top and sassy short shorts, he has established himself as one of the nation's most revered fitness experts, helping millions of overweight men and women lose close to 3,000,000 pounds. READ MORE: Richard Simmons: Court Jester of Fitness


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Sat, 05-01-2010 - 1:42pm
I had his VHS tape or two. Sweating to the oldies III or something. I used it a lot. I dont have the VCR anymore so had to get rid of all my tapes. I kinda liked him. Sure, he's too hyper & perky & could be a bit annoying, but that's what you need in an exercise instructor. You need somebody who will motivate you & get you moving, not a Debby downer, you know? I also liked the fact that he had really big people exercising. Sure, 100 lb fit person can do the tape with no problem, but when I see a 300 lb person jumping around & doing the same things a skinny one can do, I figure I have a shot, too. If they can do it, I should be able to also.