What I've been doing re eating

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What I've been doing re eating
Tue, 07-20-2010 - 11:54pm

I thought I'd share a few things I've been doing to lose weight that were given to me by the doctor I've been seeing at what I call the "Weight Loss Clinic" (though that's not the correct title it goes by, but it's my way to title it). Anyway, I was given a chart of food groups: Vegetables; Fruits; Breads (anything in the grain family including rice and potatoes - starch or carbohydrate foods; Protein foods; Fats; and Milk servings. Listed were what was considered a serving of each category. And then I was told how many servings of each I could have in a day. Low fat milk foods, low fat cheeses and lean meats were specified. I, myself, because my body proved to have difficulty dealing with sugar (honey, agave syrup included) was told to not have ANY! I bought some powdered Stevia and used that to sweeten a few foods. I was encouraged to drink V-8 juice - one way to boost vegetable intake but in the form of juice.

I won't describe in detail, but just to say that I had to keep a journal so as to keep a record of the servings I ate and that they corresponded to what I was allowed. I was to have only 4 servings daily of breads or grain foods or potatoes which I spaced out over meals and snacks. It was hard to have just four! I would gladly eat more and sometimes do, I must admit. I was surprised too at the low amount of protein foods I was allowed. In total 6 protein servings which basically works out to 6 ounces of protein foods. I measured and weighed protein foods (meats and cheese, for instance). I learned some interesting things, like 1/2 cup of cooked dried beans or peas or lentils count as protein but also as 1 serving of bread.

I preferred counting servings than counting calories though the average number of calories per serving was estimated - but basically while I would be having about 1300 calories a day, I figured, I didn't count calories but counted my servings and kept within the serving size required. This is the first time I followed such a diet. I liked how things were spelled out in terms of amounts but I could pick and choose whatever over the course of a day.

At the beginning I was pretty careful for months on end, but even when I went off a bit on weekends, I managed to still lose weight. However, after losing about 30 pounds, I am at a standstill, if not having gained a few pounds. I am not keeping a food journal now partly because I have it pretty well memorized how much to eat of what when, but then again, I think I may be fooling myself - I really should be meticulous again about keeping a journal. I do admit that I felt some desire for sweets creeping in. I have to be so careful about not eating much sweets as I seem to go on a sweets-craving roller coaster when I indulge too often.

Anyway I need or would like to lose another 20 pounds, maybe even thirty but would be ecstatic if I lost even another 10 (to start!). Especially so because I've been at this weight for a while now and I am nervous about my weight creeping up again - that I do not wish to have happen!