SEPTEMBER'S EXERCISE (courtesy of Sam...

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SEPTEMBER'S EXERCISE (courtesy of Sam...
Sat, 09-01-2001 - 6:49pm

SEPTEMBER'S EXERCISE (courtesy of Sammi) (m)

Write a short story based on a newspaper clipping. As Sammi suggested, "change names and places of course; don't want any lawsuits... LOL"

Thanks Sammi for the wonderful idea!

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Mon, 09-03-2001 - 9:53pm

You're The Man / Sept. Exercise:

You’re The Man

Molly looked up from the small bowl of cheese grits as she heard the television reporter make an announcement about Dr. Bode.

“Benton County police are looking into the unexplained death, twelve years ago of a woman whose husband is now accused of trying to hire an undercover Federal agent to kill his current wife,” she said.

“Laud how mercy,” Molly yelled.

Molly worked as a housekeeper for Dr. Bode nearly twelve years now. She recalled the day he announced he would marry Margaret Higgins. It had only been two years since the death of the first Mrs. Bode.

“We’re just going back through it,” said Lt. Wright. “It just makes sense to do it now.”

Sally, Molly’s daughter, warned her about working for Dr. Bode. She was afraid for her mother’s safety.

“His wife Ruth was forty-six years old and found dead sitting in seven inches of water in a bathtub in her home.” Sally had told her, “that’s no accident Momma.”

The couple was divorcing at the time. Dr. Bode hired Molly to clean house after three other maids learned of the news and never returned. Molly wasn’t afraid. She told everyone that Dr. Bode was a kind and honest man.

“Bode secured a one million dollar bond with cash and remains under twenty-four hour house arrest in the custody of his son near the Sparks area until the Federal trail,” announced the channel five news reporter.

Molly reached for the telephone. She dialed Sally’s number and poured herself another cup of black coffee.

“I told you Momma, I told you eleven and a half years ago that Dr. Bode was a murderer,” she shouted.

“He ain’t been caught doin’ nothin’,” Molly told her agitated daughter.

“He is being accused of hiring a hitman to shoot his wife. They have evidence that Bode agreed to provide a weapon and paid an undercover agent $2000,” she said.

“Laud, I don’t believe it,” Molly said to herself.

“According to the news, Dr. Bode gave the agent a .38-caliber pistol that belonged to his wife and called to say that his wife was out of town and would return home on the 25th, that was Friday Momma,” Sally mumbled.

“Yap, she was out of town. Gone down to that New Orleans to visit her folks again. That’s why Dr. Bode gave me this time off,” Molly said.

“That Lt. Wright said he gave Dr. Bode several opportunities to call it off,” she said. “Momma, did you hear that?” Sally asked.

“The agent reported that Bode wanted his wife killed because she had ruined him financially. He added, he wanted the death to appear accidental,” the reporter said.

“The Federal agent was reported saying, I’m going to go ahead and do this thing, and Bode replied, You’re the Man,” the reported declared as she ended the morning news.

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Tue, 09-04-2001 - 3:27pm

Hi Thia_d....good story (m)

That sure gives You're the man a different meaning! You're going to write some more stories for this month? Right!

good job



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Tue, 09-04-2001 - 4:30pm

I really like this story (m)

and especially liked Molly. Since I have a terrible time with my endings, I was very impressed with yours. You're The Man was great and look forward to reading if you decide to expand it.