April 2013 DYK

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April 2013 DYK
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 10:28am

Wow!  A whole month with no posts!  I'm not really that surprised by it though.Frown

Had an interesting Easter celebration at my parents house with Bro, SIL and the neice.  The neice is finally PT and in big girl undies (she turned 3 in Feb and is the last & oldest one in her class to do so).  They insisted that she no longer likes M&M's or any chocolate because of her recent illness (she puked after eating some and now thinks that the chocolate made her do it).  But when she saw Jesse eating his bunny, she wanted to eat hers.  BRO & SIL let her have a little nibble (which she loved and did not react negatively in any way to) and then proceded to tell my mom that  she was scared and didn't like it and they were throwing it out!??!?!?!?

Bro and & SIL are expecting a boy in June (right around Jenna's b-day).  They have picked a name that we all feel is horrible - Desmond.  This was the same boy name that they had in mind if they'd had a boy the first time.  I keep trying to make the name worse by adding equally terrible middle names to it - Desmond Mortimer.  They even have the neice calling the baby by name now, so I know they aren't joking around (which would by like Bro).  SIL has 2 months to go, but looks like she's gonna burst.  She's not eating any sweets because of how bad her GD was last time around (She was on multiple injections of insulin for GD!!).  The baby moves around a lot and bruises her all the time, so my mom is convinced that our prayers for a terribly hyper child for them may have come true.

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