Does your JJ dip?

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Does your JJ dip?
Thu, 07-28-2011 - 2:45pm
Cole can't stand dip. If any of his food mixes he refuses to eat it. Ketchup, dressing all of those things are out. I think it's weird so just wondering if he is alone.
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Mon, 08-01-2011 - 3:04pm

Aaron doesn't dip either.<A href="http://s218.photobucket

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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 9:15pm

Jacob will dip in ketchup, but the only problem being sometimes that is all he'll eat (suck it off the food).

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Sat, 08-06-2011 - 9:46pm

No dipping? Yikes! That is weird! lol! Livy loves it all! She would just eat the dip if we let her! lol

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Fri, 08-12-2011 - 1:58pm
Gavin dips everything, but also tends to suck it off rather than biting the food being dipped :P