Catie's 6 month check up

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Catie's 6 month check up
Thu, 04-29-2010 - 2:24pm

Catie turned 6 months old today, and had her check up. She got a little upset with the nurses when they were measuring her head. She just didn't want them to touch her LOL! I stripped her down and they weighed her, while she screamed and cried Everything went fine. Doctor noted that she's a little congested, due to a cold. Also need to keep an eye on her eyes. they tend to go cross eyed. She got her vaccinations. And it wasn't until we got home that i realized they never marked her immunization chart. So now i have to go back up there sometime and have them mark it. The next check up is on 7/29.

Today she weighed 16lbs 12oz 27" with a 16" noggin. Head didnt' grow any from 4mos-6mos.

did a check to see how she compared to her sisters at 6mos

Ashleigh: 20lbs 8oz 27.75"
Madisyn 16lbs 2oz 27.25"
Emely 16lbs 14oz 27.25"

Chris mom to 4 girls! Ashleigh, Madisyn, Emely, & Cathryn

Chris mom to Ashleigh, Madisyn, Emely, and Catie