Switching from Formula to Milk?

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Switching from Formula to Milk?
Wed, 11-03-2010 - 10:17am

Now that we are seeing some One Year Olds, I am wondering if mommy's have already done this or are planning to soon? How are doing this switch and when ??

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Wed, 11-03-2010 - 10:59am

The day Corinne turned one, we just switched her to whole milk cold turkey.


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Wed, 11-03-2010 - 11:39am

We're not switching to cow's milk anytime soon, because I really want Ashley to keep getting all the good stuff in BM through cold and flu season, but we use the Playtex sippies and she does great with those.


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Wed, 11-03-2010 - 2:45pm

Nate mostly gets BM, although he gets juice with his solid meals when I am at work (I only get a little with the pump).