Sleep thoughts?

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Sleep thoughts?
Tue, 12-28-2010 - 3:20pm

Rielyn would sleep 5-9 hours straight at night right from day 1. Then she did the 4 month sleep change and had to move to her crib since she was too big for her moses basket and then wouldn't be swaddled anymore ect.....then she had a cold and slept in our bed a bit now when we put her to bed she wakes after 30-40 mins then again 30-40 minutes later and then maybe 1 more time then she will sleep 3-4 hours...and then she wakes every 2 hours until morning ect....her naps went to crap too! She wont sleep longer

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Tue, 12-28-2010 - 3:56pm

Around this age they are learning that if they cry we come in.

Oct Siggy

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Wed, 12-29-2010 - 4:29pm
We had the same sitch here a few weeks ago. Ryan spent the first week of my sleep boot camp crying for 5-15 minutes but would then sleep for 5-8 hours (woot!) We've had multiple interruptions since then - travel, illness, teething, etc. - but he seems to be getting back on track. He now wakes just 1-2x/night which I can handle.

He rarely cries when he goes down at 7pm now, though he will still WAIL in the middle of the night. I nurse him briefly to calm him and put him back in his crib mostly awake at which point he rolls over and conks out.

Good luck!