Stay in toddler bed???

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Stay in toddler bed???
Fri, 11-25-2011 - 1:32am

Two weeks ago Wyatt had the stomach flu. We had him sleeping in his toddler rocker (it's like a bigger bouncy chair) with us in the living room. It was easier to deal with him and clean up the puke that way. Plus every time he laid on his stomach he would throw up and Wyatt is a tummy sleeper. As soon as he got over the flu he got a nasty cold. We kept him sleeping in the rocker because it kept him upright and his nose was able to drain so he could sleep better.

Well now he is all better and still wanting to sleep in the rocker, in the living room with the tv on. LOL We can get him into his bed every night but by 2am he is awake. Normally we would let him cry it out and he would fall back to sleep. After a couple of days he would get back into his normal routine and start sleeping through the night again.

How ever Wyatt learned how to climb out of his crib. We have hard wood floors and we were worried about him climbing out before we could get to him and getting very badly hurt. So we took the front panel off from his crib converting it into a toddler bed. During the day Wyatt loves this and will happily climb in and out of bed and play with his toys there. But at night now when he wakes up he comes out crying. Once he is up we can't get him back to sleep in the bed. We can't leave him to cry it out anymore because he can get out of the bed. I don't like letting him sleep in the rocker all the time because he does not sleep through the night there either.

So does anybody have any ideas on how to get him to go back to sleeping through the night in his new bed? We have thought about putting the front panel back on and getting one of those crib tents so he can not climb out. But those are expensive and I want to be sure they are worth the money. How else can I get him to go back to sleep in his bed? Should I get the crib tent? I miss sleep! LOL

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Mon, 01-09-2012 - 2:40am
Hmm...that is tough. When he wakes up in the night, do you talk to him? Do you turn on the light?

I would just go in the room w/o turning the light on. Then lie him back in the crib and say "time for sleep" very quietly. If/when he crawls out again, just repeat it. Eventually he WILL get it!

Good luck - we just had a sleepless night ourselves last night so I'm looking forward to a full one tonight :)

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Fri, 01-27-2012 - 11:36pm
Oh, boy! You have your hands full! I am dreading the day that G can get out of her crib! =)
I agree with Dee. I think he will eventually learn to stay in his bed. Do you have a video monitor? It was worth it's weight in gold when we were trying to keep our oldest in bed. She was 2 1/2 at the time. We would prep her before going to bed by reminding her of her bedtime rules. 1) stay in bed, 2) Lay quietly and go to sleep. She tested it for a while (maybe 3 days?). The monitor was awesome because we could be in her room the second her feet hit the floor. First time, we would day, "It's time for bed. Stay in bed. Good night" and then give her a kiss. Every time after that we would just come in and put her back in bed. She's a stubborn one, but eventually she gave up.
I hope he learns soon for you!!
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