Update: Bottle problem

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Update: Bottle problem
Thu, 03-17-2011 - 11:14am

For some reason the format gets all messed up when people reply to my posts. I don't know why, but it's a huge mess on the browser and it doesn't let me respond in turn. Anyway, my update on the bottle is that he caved in... to his sippy cup :) I put the bottles back in the attic for storage since he doesn't have to have them. I thought he might prefer the bottle over his sippy and maybe that was why he wasn't drinking yet, but I think it is really just a case of him not liking the formula. I have to mix it with a little bit of juice to get him to drink it, but oh well. I could care less if that's how I have to do it. The doctor also said it wasn't a big deal if he was drinking too much as long as that was what he drank when he was thirsty and as long as I also offered him a wide variety of foods to eat during the day. I was a little surprised because i thought the formula played a bigger role in their diets (even at this age) but he said it's ok! I felt relieved. Now I'm just hoping the engorgement wears off on the boobs soon. Four days later and I am still hard, though I can tell it is decreasing thank goodness.


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Thu, 03-17-2011 - 2:58pm
I'm glad Ean's adjusted and that the doctor isn't worried.
I had to use ice packs and cabbage leaves to help with engorgement. It was crazy how much it hurt! It took me about a week. I hope it gets better for you soon!
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Mon, 04-04-2011 - 4:29pm

Julianne how are things now?
When I switched to formula from pumping it took weeks for my girls to dry out lol.Cabbage was my best friend of course I smelled a lot like coleslaw haha.

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Tue, 04-19-2011 - 10:24pm

Bryson has REFUSED bottle since 8 weeks old.

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Wed, 04-20-2011 - 10:25am
V loves her straw cup ... but only if it DOESN'T have EBM in it! She refuses EBM out of any vessel. And if you try to give her EBM in the cup, she'll refuse the cup with other stuff in it b/c she doesn't trust you. Sigh.


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