Average at 2-month appointment!

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Average at 2-month appointment!
Wed, 08-25-2010 - 9:48pm

We have a new pediatrician and I really like him. Ryan saw him for the first time yesterday for his 2-month well baby visit. He was very thorough. I think we spent 40 minutes with the doctor!

Ryan is now 23 inches and 11 lb, 12 oz, in the 50th percentile for both - as DH put it, he's "NORMAL" lol.

Doc took a comprehensive family history and asked a lot of questions about my pregnancy and L&D, etc. He examined every square millimeter of my dear baby boy and found him as healthy as we expected. He did mention that his head is a little flat on one side from only (mostly) nursing on the left side lol. I promised to spend time getting him to turn his head to the other side as well.

Ryan has a faint red splotchy birthmark on his forehead and above one eye and when the doctor asked if I knew that was normal, I told him that I had the same thing! It gets red whenever I have any strong emotion (sad, angry, anxious, randy, etc ;) Later in the examination we were having a heated debate about vaccinations and he pointed to my forehead, "hey! it's turning red!" Wise-ass ;)

When I suggested that right now I couldn't imagine me and Ryan sleeping in separate rooms, he started giving me a lecture on how he should be in his own room by six months. I think DH agrees with that sentiment after too many *SHUSHED* romantic encounters! I still can't imagine parting from him... (Ryan, that is. Good thing there are bunk beds in the kids' room.)

What else? He agreed with the other ped that Vitamin D drops would be advisable once the weather starts turning cold, so I think I'll be erring on the side of caution there.

He seemed surprised that my pg wasn't considered high risk (based on my age) and was impressed that I wasn't induced. Okayyyy.

All in all a good visit. Ryan's first shot will be next month (I think, still debating which delayed schedule to follow - anybody familiar with Dr Stephanie Cave?)