Bedtime/Waketime, night wakes, & how many naps? and others...

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Bedtime/Waketime, night wakes, & how many naps? and others...
Tue, 01-18-2011 - 6:55pm

I am interested in hearing about your schedules:)



Night wakes?

how many naps?


crib & cosleep?

Crib only?

BF or FF?

other children in household?

Thank you in advance, I am trying to work out a realistic "sorta" schedule for JB...LOL, BIG LOL!


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we have a sort of schedule... it's not hard core but it's mostly the same, or around the same.. most days lol.
I am interested in hearing about your schedules

Bedtime? between 7 and 8

Waketime? 630-730

Night wakes? around 3

how many naps?3-4

co-sleep? sometimes in the morning

crib & cosleep? someday I cosleep if he wakes up like 530-630, i'll bring him to bed with me. If the older one is awake then I'll just get up with both of them.

Crib only? someday lol

BF or FF? both

other children in household? yes a 2.3 year old


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I am interested in hearing about your schedules:smileyhappy:

Bedtime? 730 He is like clockwork.


Night wakes? If he wakes anymore its usually around 230

how many naps? 2 naps usually about 130 long Usually around 930 or 10 he takes his first nap than again around 2-230.

co-sleep? not anymore

crib & cosleep?

Crib only? Crib only but it took some time to get to that was the swing forever.

BF or FF? Still BF

other children in household? DD who is 3..She is more Challenging than DS.

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Bedtime? 9:30
Waketime? 7:00
Night wakes? Had a tough run for a couple weeks but usually just 1 for her pacifier and then right back to sleep
how many naps? 3 - usually one 2 hr nap and two 1 hr naps
co-sleep? no
crib & cosleep? no
Crib only? yes
BF or FF? BF
other children in household? no
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I enjoyed reading this thread...strange what mothers are into...LOL...

Bedtime? Usually 9pm sometimes earlier or's 9:30pm right now and he's wide awake.

Waketime? I'm not sure...he doesn't make noise when he wakes up so I just go get him when I'm ready to get up.

Night wakes? Never.

how many naps? 1 or 2. Sometimes he'll have a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day and that's the only one. But more often it's an hour in the morning and an hour in the middle of the day. Sometimes if we are busy, he'll just sleep in 15-20 min increments while we shop, play, etc.

co-sleep? Not anymore.

crib & cosleep? No. On DH's days off we'll sometimes bring into our bed but it's for talking & interacting, not sleep.

Crib only? Yes. He also takes naps on the couch. (it's a corner w/pillows so he's safe)

BF or FF? FF now - weaned at 7 mos

other children in household? DS1 just turned 3. He usually sits on the landing outside my door in the morning until I get up...mommy is usually the last one out of bed. Sometimes he'll come into my room and start playing the piano or something but he never goes downstairs...thankfully!

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Bedtime? Usually about 7:30 pm

Waketime? around 7 am, maybe a little earlier

Night wakes? This has really been varied lately. He does sleep though the night until early morning alot (maybe 5-5:30, then I will bring him in our bed and we fall back asleep together usually. But he does have his nights when he wakes up. Most of the time I just give him his paci and kind of reposition him and he goes right back to sleep but there are occasional time when hes up a lot.

how many naps? 2. He will usually do one long nap and one shorter nap, but there isn't much consitency for how long or which nap (am or pm). Today he has taken 2 really good naps so I am thrilled :)

co-sleep? Just for that 1-2 hours in the early morning

crib & cosleep? crib

Crib only? Yes.

BF or FF? mostly BF, but he will get a bottle of formula for his last feeding before bed and occasionally he will have one during the day. I think my supply is tapering a little, he is lately still acting hungry after I breastfeed, esp in the afternoon.

other children in household? DD is 3.5. Weston adores her!


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Bedtime? Anytime between 8:30 & 10:30

Waketime? Between 6-8

Night wakes? No

how many naps? Generally 2, a short one in the morning and one, a couple of hours, in the afternoon.

co-sleep? No

crib & cosleep?

Crib only? Yes

BF or FF? FF

other children in household? My 12 year old DS fulltime and DSS 14 & 16, every other weekend

I must say Ella is a dream baby.

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Bedtime? between 9 and 10

Waketime? I try to keep him down till 9

Night wakes?3 to 4

how many naps? He cat naps 3 or 4 times for about 15 -30 min

co-sleep? Conner starts in the crib but joins us after the first wake up. DH get frustrated if that is before he came to

Crib only? Only in my dreams ha ha

BF or FF? BF

other children in household? yes 7 year old abd sometimes he oldest sister visits (21)