Anyone co sleeping? My last post is showing an error.

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Anyone co sleeping? My last post is showing an error.
Sat, 10-27-2012 - 9:00pm

Just wondering who's REALLY co sleeping and who is not. You hear all the stories out there and all the opinions. Crying it out was NOT for me. My baby SCREAMS and CRIES and physically shakes. I just don't have the heart to do it after all I went through to be a mommy. Comforting her is the only thing that sounds right to me. Would love to hear your thoughts, and even your opinions!!

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I use to with my dd.

Then I finally did get her in to a routine sleeping in her crib...

But honestly my dd and I were ALONE my now ex-husband worked nights so it was just her and me.

I think it was partly because she was also breast-fed.

It was a lot easier on me.

When our ds was born, it was so hard because he was sleeping with us in a craddle and she was in her own room in a big-girl bed, the crib was now going to be for him.

Sometimes though if she woke up I would let her.

So did her dad.

We usually though took her back to her room and stayed with her.

She was just lonely and wanted to be with ALL of us...;)...

This was a really, long time ago but I remember it like yesterday.

When their dad left me and them, they offered to sleep with me...and then they suggested I have a picture so I wouldn't be lonely.


Cute eh?

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I have coslept with all 3 of my kids. My oldest transitioned to her own room quite easily when she was 3. My middle daughter transitioned to sleeping with her big sister and then to sleeping by herself - she still comes to my room if she feels frightened at night. Sometimes I see her a couple times a week. Sometimes I don't see her at night for long periods of time. I don't care that she comes to my room if she feels frightened. I remember being frightened at night when I was a kid and just being in the presence of my parents was soothing. As a parent, I want my children to seek comfort with me - not think that I won't be available to help them with their fears. The baby - now 18 mos - sleeps with my husband and me, and I suspect she will for some time still. There are times she acts like she wants to sleep with one of her big sisters, but I don't think she'd actually sleep and would just wake them. But when she's a bit older, we might consider letting her sleep with one of her sisters if they're open to it. I've never really understood the big fuss about co-sleeping. It's worked beautifully for my family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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I could not agree more! What IS all the fuss about? You just do what's right for your child and your family and who's business is it anyway! Thanks for the reassurance!!