Bringing older children with you for the ride home.....

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Bringing older children with you for the ride home.....
Thu, 07-07-2011 - 5:32pm

from the hospital?

I am really on the fence about this.

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When DS was born we had DD with us who was almost 2 1/2 at the time. I don't remember having any problems with her. I know that she had been with us at the hospital most of that day except for naptime, and I guess we really didn't think of not having her with us if that makes sense? Not sure what will happen this time. Depends on when we leave/what day of the week it is. If it's during the kid's naptime and Grandma is at our house while they sleep then they won't be there. But if they are with us then I suppose they will: )

I completely understand your concerns though. It would probably be a lot more peaceful and quiet without another little one or 2 around: )

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Whether ours rides with us will just depend on who's up there when we leave, but I don't think you should guilt yourself about it if you would rather just have your son waiting at home with a relative, or somewhere else.

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you could have a bringing home baby party/reception planned with DS being "host" if you have friends/family that could stay home with him until you get there.

When I say party, I really only mean some little decorations.

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Well my whole family is usually there when we leave the hospital - have been for the last two babies, so it never occurred to me to not have my other daughter there when we were leaving.

We've also left the hospital and gone out to eat after being discharged from the hospital with both babies ... so again, to me it just seems normal to have them there. I do think it's helpful that I have my parents there as well because they can absolutely occupy my other children while I deal with the "official" things. Both my girls talk non-stop, so I do understand about the peace and quiet ... but it's who they are. And I want them to be a part of our first "bigger family" adventure.
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I've done it both ways. and they both seem to work out just fine. Don't feel guilty either way. You can always have someone bring your ds to the hospital just for the ride home, that way you won't have distractions getting discharged from the hospital.

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We plan on trying to leave the hospital asap. I'm really hoping to have a VBAC and leave in less than 24 hours, in which case we will just have DD who is 18 months old stay at home with my MIL. If I have a section and have to stay for days then I suppose we will have DD visit, but I think their car seats will be in separate cars (now that I think about it) so we'll probably just drive home with our grasshopper.
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I hadn't thought about this, but I think I'd prefer that he not be there. I always pictured just DH and me with the baby. Plus, I want to sit in the back with the baby and I wouldn't be able to do that with DS1's car seat in the car.