head in pelvis? ouch!

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head in pelvis? ouch!
Sun, 07-10-2011 - 10:43am
I've had a string of rough nights and days thanks to a bad cold, so maybe that is making it seem worse than it is but I have to say my misery is pretty much constant at this point! Had another night of sleeplessness due to the cold symptoms on top of peeing a lot and not having a comfortable position, and today I am almost unable to walk. It feels like his head is mashing on a nerve really low down. I get a sharp pain in the crotch and it is more intense than it has been up til now. I guess he is on my cervix? Anyway it feels like a stab in the.vagina when I stand up and walk. Thank goodness my dh is off work today and is sweet enough to let me lie down for some rest! I have to take ds somewhere later today and don't know how I'll make it! This can't last another whole month can it? LOL
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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 4:47pm

*hugs* Hope your cold gets better, and the pain lets up and does not last for the entire four weeks!

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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 8:53pm

Ive been in much more pain the past couple of days too. I had the exact pain in my 3rd and 4th pg. I had to wear a maternity support belt, or else I was in too much pain to walk!

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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 10:01pm
Oh boy I really feel for you it's the exact same way that I have been feeling. Just to walk hurts and contractions along with that ouch. Feel better and thumbs up for the hubby.
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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 10:29pm

Being sick while pregnant is THE WORST - I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. Misery is a perfect word

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Sun, 07-10-2011 - 10:51pm

Hope you feel better!

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 8:38pm

I am so glad that I am not the only one having this problem.

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 9:58pm
I keep dreaming that all this pain and loosening is going to help be VBAC too. I just removed myself from the couch. I don't ever think I can sit in it again until I'm not pregnant. OMG. I feel like I need a pelvic brace. And twist or unevenness of my hips and I'm in horrible pain. Tylenol helps enough so I can sleep. Or I should say "sleep" between peeing and the crazy dreams. I start to wonder if a frozen bag of peas on my crotch would help. And be worth the hysterical laughing of DH.