Just got a new dog and totally regretting it :(

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Just got a new dog and totally regretting it :(
Fri, 06-10-2011 - 8:27am

Maybe it's because my husband had to leave early this morning and I had no help but I could just about cry right now.

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Best thing (in my opinion) you can do for a dog is to crate train them. I don't know if it will be difficult to train such an old dog, but here is what worked for us:
Get an indoor kennel/crate that is big enough for dog to stand up and turn around in. They can be pricey so check out craigs list or yard sales- I see them on there a lot. The crate is the dog's safe place- a place he can go to escape your kids and also a place you can keep the dog at night and when you are out of th ehouse so he doesn't get into anything dangerous. It's also a way to transport the dog if you need to, and a way to keep them safe at hotels, airports, other people's houses etc.

Plus, the crate will be a place for you to put the dog when you can't stand it drooling on you :) or when you're trying to clean.

Definitely learn about obedience classes or read a book and do them yourself. I took a class from PetSmart and would highly recommend them. I learned a lot about dog nutrition and behavior. I would also get your 6 year old to do the obedience training, let him pick out the dog treats and teach tricks. My 3 year old is already "teaching" our dog manners, letting her out to pee, and helps with food & water. A 6 year old could do all of that on his own which takes a lot of work off you and hopefully helps them to bond.

Also, a dog like yours will need exercise every day so someone will have to take him for a walk/run. If you can't, your DH needs to or the dog will get bored & start to cause trouble. Think of it like a work-out buddy :) If he pulls, they have great pinch collars that teach them not to in a couple weeks. Take the dog to a Petsmart and rack their brains for help... those people there usually love dogs :)

Dogs can be overwhelming at first, and are initially a lot of work- especially because this is not a puppy and sounds like he was ignored a little bit from the previous owners. Once the dog gets used to you & feels like he's home, he should calm down and stop drooling and get used to your routines. Pretty soon he'll be part of your family and you'll like him around :) Good luck!
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Great suggestions, thank you ladies.

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I agree with crate training and obedience training. I'm not such a big fan of using the crate when you want to escape from the dog though b/c I think it's important that the crate is a positive place for them so I'm more likely to put our dogs in the backyard. We actually don't use our crates anymore but they were awesome in the beginning.

I can't stress enough the importance of being consistent. Whatever dog rules you have, *everyone* needs to follow through on them or the dog gets confused. I'm sure the dog is particularly excited right now b/c there's new people, he's getting more attention and not being left outside all the time but I agree about daily (or nearly daily) walks.

We are pretty 'militant' with our dog rules but are dogs behave so well that we can now take them with us on all kinds of fun trips b/c we know they'll behave. We make them sit before coming in the house or eating (they have to have permission to do both). We make them wait at doors before leaving the house or getting in or out of the car. Some of those are big from a safety perspective and some are just nice to not get run over!

Anyway, good luck. We used pinch collars in the beginning on both dogs and now only one needs it. She rarely pulls when she's wearing it but if she's not it's like she 'knows' and can be a real bear to walk. We also ultimately went to long range control collars good for about 3/4 mile. This way we can take them to a big park off leash. They're pretty good about listening anyway so we rarely need to give them a correction but whenever they're wearing them they're always on even better behavior.

Good luck and hang in there. It's definitely tough in the beginning but hopefully it gets better!


PS-When training, we never found only positive reinforcement or 'clickers' to be successful for us so we went with a combination positive (food) and correction training class. Worked amazingly well. They recommended we buy the rolls of soft dog food at Petsmart/Petco and then cut it slices and then cut those into roughly pea size chunks. Much, much cheaper than buying expensive training treats and the dogs loved it.