transitioned out of ?

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transitioned out of ?
Wed, 11-30-2011 - 11:16am

being a newborn yet?

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Mon, 12-05-2011 - 11:52am

Yupp, we're in fully blown babyhood now. She's drooling like crazy, tries to eat everything, rolling from front to back, still working on back to front. Laughing, "talking", she tries to scoot when on her belly but hasn't gotten it down yet. Her sleep is different everyday. Some days she'll do awesome and others she'll be horrible and SO miserable because she's overtired. She's a noisy little one. My ODD was so chill and laid back, totally different this time around.

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Sun, 12-04-2011 - 9:14pm

Mine's definitely up for long periods, but he's always done that.

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Thu, 12-01-2011 - 11:25pm

Yup... though when he gets excited his arms and legs still go crazy in newborn fashion, and he has not gained confidence in his ability to move toward an object and grab it (he is as likely to send himself wriggling away from it as he is toward it. poor thing).

He has awakened to the world though... It is not all about sleep, eat, poop, cuddle, repeat anymore... he wants to see things and play with things now... and he stays awake to do it!