Travelling after a c-section

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Travelling after a c-section
Fri, 07-08-2011 - 7:32am

My mom and I will be moving across country with our three dogs. Is it better to do before or after my c-section. It will be

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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 10:10am
Wow. That's a tough one and I hear you on the stress. We're moving into our new home around the same time our little man is due. We aren't sure which will happen first either!. If I had to pick, I'd move first, but it also depends on how attached you are to your OB/MW.
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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 12:30pm

Personally, I wouldn't want to change doctors this late in the game, and it makes no sense to move but come back to have your baby and then still have to make a cross country trip post c-section and with a newborn.

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Fri, 07-08-2011 - 6:13pm


I was passing by and saw your post.

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