What are you and your poppin' pg belly doing this 4th of July?

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What are you and your poppin' pg belly doing this 4th of July?
Fri, 07-01-2011 - 5:25pm

I think we are going to sit down as much as possible, have a bbq, then our own fireworks.

Anyone have fun plans or ideas?

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Seaworld on Sat. (just for a few hours), family's house on Sunday - pulling out the slip n' slide for the kids, Monday our friends performance and dinner with my cousin.
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My parents are driving down from NY, since I told them there was no way I was making the 6 hour drive this pregnant. Farmers market tomorrow, craft show on Sunday, hanging around with DD other wise. Nothing could make me try to go to the National Mall for fireworks. Or any where else really. Maybe if DD was old enough to know, or even be awake.
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There's a big church near here that has a big shindig with fun jumps, bands, food, and fireworks.

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we're hanging out at my parent's house... pool, grilling out, bonfire, s'mores and setting off fireworks :-)
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Saturday ~ Kids and I will just be hanging out around the house while DH goes to work for a little while. We will probably just do some cleaning and work on getting baby stuff ready: )

Sunday ~ Church in the morning and then hanging out with one of my sisters, her husband and their kids. Probably dessert (American Flag shaped dessert pizza that I have make every 4th!) some games and a couple fireworks out at our house: )

Monday ~ Probably just hanging out and relaxaing at home with DH and the kids: )

Happy 4th Everyone!!

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Sunday our family is having a cookout at my mom's and we'll get to go swimming (yay!). Monday I have to work, but that's our usual day to hang out with the ILs so we'll probably have dinner over there. Not sure if it will be 4th of July themed or not!