What Was Baby's First Word?

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What Was Baby's First Word?
Wed, 08-01-2012 - 11:13am

Tori Spelling's daughter recently said her first word.  According to mom, it wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear!


"It was bittersweet as she uttered the word, 'dada,''' she writes on ToriSpelling.com. "I'm sure that mamas everywhere can agree that I wouldn't be human if somewhere inside, beneath the beaming pride I felt about her accomplishment, there wasn't a little sadness that he first word wasn't 'mama.'"

Tori Spelling Is Disappointed by Her Daughter's First Word-- It Happens!- http://www.ivillage.com/tori-spelling-reveals-baby-hatties-first-word/6-a-460340


I totally know how she's feeling!  What was your baby's first word?

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 9:45pm

dada, mama, bye and she just said ball this week. i think they say dada because d's are easier than m's.

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that's my story and i'm sticking with it!