Whine....it's Wednesday!

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Whine....it's Wednesday!
Wed, 03-30-2011 - 4:46am

Go ahead and vent away!

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 8:17am
I hate wednesdays tooo! Its the busiest day at work and i didnt get enough sleep :-(
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 8:33am
DD and I are so sick... We went through a whole box of tissues yesterday and a whole role of TP today. I've thrown up so much I've burst every blood vessel in my face and neck and DD won't sleep the past three nights so we are exhausted and she keeps crying. I really need a break but DH says he can't get oof work and we are military so we don't have any family nearby. Ugh! Thanks for letting me whine :) I really needed that!
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 9:19am
Spring-momma I hope you and DDI feel better soon!!

I'm starting to get sick nothing like spring-momma, but a head cold. My throat is so sore. And my co-worker is leaving on vacation for almost three weeks. I'm so excited for her but I hope this cold goes away since I'm covering her desk and bosses while she's gone. Also I'm getting so tired at the end of the day, I can't do anything after I get home from work, maybe because I'm coming down with something but I am so tired.
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 10:22am

My whine is that it sometimes feels like NO ONE does ANYthing around here, and it gets really old after a while! The kitchen always seems messy, and I feel like no one knows where the dang trash can is. I know it's not entirely true, but we live with family, so there are 5 adults here for a lot of the day, and it often seems like a bunch of kids. My husband takes out the trash and helps clean up and stuff, but sometimes, I'm SO tired at the end of the day after being a mom to a bunch of people (including one-yr-old DS) that I don't even have the energy to make dinner. Ugh. This is the downside. I have so many things to be thankful for, but sometimes it feels nice to rant a little.

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 10:35am

I am also exhausted! I want to go home but I've used so many sick days with all my morning sickness that I'm nearly out of days left. I just want to take a nap. And what I had for breakfast isn't settling well with my stomach so I'm sick to my stomach too. ugh! I've been over 2 weeks since I've thrown up but I think today I might break that streak.

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 1:00pm

I tired of not being able to sleep a full night with out having to visit the potty. I'm tired that when I'm thinking of my husband all day and want to spend a romantic with him at the end of the I'm just to tired to do a thing. Thank God he's good about that lol. I really tired of the running around to different sports and functions that my other children have. Boy and most of all I'm tired of the fact that I have to WHINE about this.

Hope everyone else gets better quickly.

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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 1:57pm
I too have a cold (not that bad- no throwing up though I did that one a couple weeks ago) and am not sleeping worth crap because I feel the worst at night- my throat gets really dry which makes it even more sore! On the bright side my yorkie snuggled me all night lol Sometimes she annoys me climbing on my head this time I'm not even sure how she ended up on my pillow lol

I'm sooo tired of feeling nauseous. I feel a lot better than when I was throwing up but it's still impossible to get anything done around the house because I feel sick so quickly.

Hope everyone else feels better soon! And the last two days pass quickly =)
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 2:54pm
i just spent 2 hours on the phone with my insurance company, dr's office, and the lab company that does all the blood work for my dr's office. so that is my whine for the day.... I hate dealing with insurance!! in many ways, i'm so greatful to have it, but it is just such a pain in the butt when they don't cover things you know they should and you have to fight them about it! i mean hello... i have PIH... a 24 hour urine test IS medically neccisary and SHOULD be covered! ahhhhh!

ok, end vent (for now, lol)
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 5:56pm
My whine is that I have to get my 17p injection (to prevent preterm labor) tonight...in my rear. And the needle is big and scary. And I have horrible sickness afterward. I get to do this every Wednesday! Also, as of this week, I can no longer see my lady parts....my stomach is huge.
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Wed, 03-30-2011 - 6:50pm
- The upstairs apartment is leaking into ours, AGAIN. I called them this morning for at least the 4th time about this issue. They do come and "fix" it every time, but then it starts happening again.

- I'm tired of having cats in an apartment. There is no good place in this particular unit to put a litter box. My husband doesn't clean it often enough (and I can't, of course) so it ends up stinking up the entire place. Plus, one of my cats will go OUTSIDE of the litter box when it's not clean enough for her liking, so it smells even worse!

- I wish I could be a SAHM :-(