16 week appointment

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16 week appointment
Mon, 03-07-2011 - 5:11pm
Hey ladies! I had my 16 week appointment on Friday. I've now officially gained back all the weight I list during the first tri (only about 5 pounds), lol.

Unfortunately, my blood pressure was high at the appointment and since it's not the first time in my life I've ever had a high blood pressure reading, they are now treating me as a chronic hypertensive & putting me on "pre-eclampsia watch". Basically this means I have to go see a cardiologist so they can monitor my blood pressure & be aware of my case in the event that problems do occur down the road, that I had to do this crazy 24 hour urine collection so they could get a base line for my protein levels (I seriously had to collect all of my pee in a jug for a 24 hour period), and that I will have to have more ultrasounds later in my pregnancy to make sure baby is doing ok (I am, admittedly, kind if excited about this). So, I am trying not to stress about the situation bc I know my dr is being super proactive about it but it's hard not to be petrified about developing pre-eclampsia & possibly having a premature baby.

The good news is, we heard the heartbeat again & it was in the solid 140/150's range AND we scheduled our big 20 week ultrasound!! It's going to be April 1st :-) Hubby thinks the baby is going to pull an April fools joke on us and make us think it's one gender when it's really the other, lol. I guess we'll see.

So, I'm trying not to stress & just look forward to the next appointment. Has anyone dealt with pre-eclampsia before?
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Mon, 03-07-2011 - 6:44pm

I'm glad that your appointment went well :) It's so fun to get to hear the heartbeat

My sweet baby boys Josh and Jesse were born into the arms of Jesus on January 11th 2008. They will always be missed and remain living in my heart forever!

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Mon, 03-07-2011 - 7:45pm
Are you familiar with the brewer's diet? Look into it. It has an amazing record of preventing blood pressure issues in pregnancy.

drink lots of water. eat plenty of protein.

In late pregnancy with my #2, my blood pressure was NOT clinically high but was high for me, so they made me do a 24 hour urine collection but also had me drinking a gallon of distilled water a day.

I went into labor before the test results were even back ... and when they did come back they were in the normal range, although they were an elevated normal.

Read up on the Brewers diet. There are docs and midwives who SWEAR by it.
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Wed, 03-09-2011 - 11:27am
Well don't stress because it won't help you. Enjoy the pregnancy and let's see what other good news come your way at the next visit.
That big 20 week will happen in no time.

I have never had pre-clampsia before sorry hun but rest and relax.