28 week check up

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28 week check up
Tue, 05-31-2011 - 4:02pm

Hi ladies! I had a pretty uneventful 28 week check up this moring. Did my glucose test... so I'm really hoping I don't hear anything from my dr in the next couple of days because no news is good news as far a s that goes!

We've officially begun kick counts. Dr said I should be able to count at least 10 in 2 hours after I eat breakfast in the morning. I'm a little nervous about this because it seems like I've been feeling less movement the past few days, but I've also been a little busier than normal, so I'm trying not to worry yet. I'm also wondering if baby girl has shifted a little and if the location of my plancenta is preventing me from feeling as much movement. The dr thought she was still transverse this morning, but laying the opposite way of my last u/s (2 weeks ago) so she's definitely been getting around in there! I really hope she goes head-down soon! Then I can stop worrying about that too.

We have another sonogram and a fetal EKG on June 7th. The EKG is because they couldn't get a good view of her heart last time (she's been very stubborn about this, they've yet to get the exact view they want) and just want to make sure everything is ok. So, that will very much help put my mind at ease that everything is ok. Hard to believe today was my last "monthly" appointment and we're moving to every 2 weeks now! I could use prayers that our insurance is going too cooperate and pay for these extra u/s's and tests :-\ They should since I've been diagnosed with PIH, but you know how it goes...

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Tue, 05-31-2011 - 4:37pm
Great appointment! I have my 30 week today, I hope they think she is head down! I know that it is a worry. Fingers crossed the insurance cooperates with the extra u/s's!

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