36 Week Appt. - Possible scheduled induction discussed

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36 Week Appt. - Possible scheduled induction discussed
Fri, 07-29-2011 - 7:56pm

So my appointment today was almost as interesting as I thought that it would be.

After talking about what happened yesterday, with our 3rd trip to L&D.

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Hang in there....try to to take it easy and relax. We'll all have our hands full once baby comes and probably wish for a relaxing day :) 39 weeks sounds good , like you said if you make it that far :)

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Well that's frustrating! My ob did the same thing checking the baby's position. I have no idea what he was doing for so long, but he had me a little concerned! He didn't say a word while he was doing it to lead me to believe he thought baby flipped, but he was definitely taking WAY longer than normal.