Another 2 month old ...

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Another 2 month old ...
Thu, 09-29-2011 - 7:56pm

My baby girl was 2 months yesterday ... I can't believe she's ALREADY 2 mos old.


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Fri, 09-30-2011 - 1:30pm
Sounds like a good check-up :) Good to know about rotavirus vaccines, too... I think my little guy is on the verge of laughing also- I can't wait because baby laughs are the cutest thing ever. I agree on the Hep B. I declined the one at birth also- I didn't do that with my daughter and I was PO'd to find out that she ended up getting 4 doses because they only gave the combo vax that had the Hep B included. I do vax for it because I'm a nurse and exposed to it... Sometimes common sense just doesn't win when it comes to healthcare.
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Fri, 09-30-2011 - 7:11pm
The Pediarix has dtap, polio and hep B. HIB is a separate vaccine. My LO just got those 2 plus prevnar and rotavirus today. So don't get another hep B shot in a month if she already got #1 in the hospital!
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Mon, 10-03-2011 - 9:47am
My mistake! She got the Pentacel vaccine, which is DTap, IPV and Hib.

Still ... I don't like the combination vaccines!! I'm not anti-vaccine at all. And I actually don't care how many needle sticks my kids get (some consider this sadistic, but seriously shots don't hurt that much ... had one just the other day myself!). But I do want the option to control which vaccines are received when.

The idea behind combining vaccines is to make parents feel better about the crowded immunization schedule, thereby making room for MORE vaccines.

And the "due by 2" -- or in other words why they have to receive so many so early, instead of a more cautious spaced out approach - is because after age 2, many children don't receive regular well-child exams.

But - imo - that's no excuse for a less than cautious approach toward injecting our babies with chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Vaccines are life-saving and valuable. But real risk / reward needs to be considered imo when looking at the vaccines and the compressed schedule on which they want to give them.

My oldest DD received everything on schedule and had no problems.

But my #2 DD had a moderate reaction to the 2 mos shots, which she received fully on schedule (this was the last time she received all shots on schedule ... the others were spaced out but at age 4 she is "caught up"). She cried and screamed for 3-4 hours straight. I personally considered this a "mild" but extremely unpleasant reaction, but apparently it is considered a moderate reaction that should be reported to the vaccine safety board.

This baby is getting them spaced out from the beginning but even with the pentacel shot she received, she had a mild reaction - vomiting repeatedly for a 2-3 hour duration. I'm fairly the certain the reaction was to the DTaP portion of the vaccine (it's more likely to cause reactions). This is a shot that I absolutely would have given at 2 mos even with its reaction rate thought due to the increasing prevalence of pertussis and the seriousness of the disease in young children. Still ... no need to put her little immune system in overload with all the other vaccines for diseases that she's at lower risk for ... she could get them in month.