I'll be meeting my son in less than a week!!!!!! (same as PAL)

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I'll be meeting my son in less than a week!!!!!! (same as PAL)
Sat, 08-13-2011 - 7:04pm

Had my 39 week appt. yesterday and all is looking good. Jack is STILL measuring way above schedule and right now they estimate his weight around 9 lbs. 5 oz!! Yikes! The plan, is to induce next Thursday evening. They'll place the Cervadil that night and then if I'm not progressing by morning begin Pitocin. I'm hoping that I go on my own BEFORE the 18th but I'm grateful to have an end in sight and a plan. If I do make it to the 18th, which DH thinks will happen, I'm praying the Cervadil does the trick and I won't need Pitocin or anything else. Such a strange feeling to know that by next Saturday I'll be holding our miracle son in my arms!

We went to mall and walked and walked the other day, have been DTD as often as possible, and I've even been eating some spicy food which is out of the ordinary for me. Nothing, Nada. GRRR!!

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That is so exciting! I feel you on the doing everything you can to make labor happen... We too have been doing spicy food, walking, & dtd. Also to no avail. 39 weeks today & I'm so ready! I've even seriously contemplated castor oil, lol. If she's not here by next week I may just have to try it!
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Exciting! I have been induced twice now. First time I was 1cm and 50% effaced and started straight with pitocin, and the 2nd time I was 1cm and 70% and had cytotec followed by pitocin. Both ended in vaginal births with no forceps or vacuum, so don't be TOO concerned about it ending in a c-sect! The fact that you have some progress at all helps!
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Good luck! I have had great luck with prune juice and accupressure(between the thumb and first finger) Wish there were a magic potion other than pitocin :)

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