finally - our birth story!

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finally - our birth story!
Wed, 09-14-2011 - 10:39am

So this is the first time I've tried to recall our birth story... I'll do my best but some of it is pretty fuzzy, lol.

Our birth went nothing like we planned. We were planning an all natural birth but unfortunately, baby girl decided she didn't want to try to come out on her own. I was due on Saturday, August 20th. I pushed it off for as long as possible, but (mostly due to some hypertension issues) we were scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, August 31st. Of course, I started having early labor Tuesday evening. We were scheduled to check into the hospital that night (August 30) to have Cervadil placed to ripen my cervix so they could start the pitocin induction the next morning around 8:30. We went to the hospital Tuesday night, but when they checked me I was already 2 cm and almost totally effaced. They sent me home because my body was already doing what the Cervadil would have made it do, but said I had to come back at my scheduled induction time in the morning. I was really happy to go home and hoped that active labor would kick in overnight. My contractions definitely got stronger and closer together that night, but I still wasn't in active labor by the time we had to go back into the hospital in the morning. I was at barley 3cm at 8am. The nurse was supposed to go ahead and start the pitocin, but I really wanted to talk to my OB before we did that. She wasn't available until around 10am. When she came in she told us that we either needed to start the induction or we could check out AMA (against medical advice). Because I knew that I could be in early labor for days and there was a good deal of concern about letting me get to 42 weeks or beyond (I was at 41w 4d at this point) because of the hypertension, I really didn't want to go home without this baby. I was ready to be done, no matter how we had to do it.

They started the pitocin around 11am. I was still planning to go drug free at this point, however once they started the pitocin I had to be monitored constantly and the hospital did not have wireless monitors. I tried to be up out of bed with the monitors on, standing/walking/sitting on my birth ball by the bed so the monitors could be on but they kept loosing the baby's heartbeat as I moved around. Finally, they said I had to stay in bed so they could monitor the baby, especially because the baby hadn't been very reactive up to this point (her heart rate wasn't varying much). Well, long story short... the pitocin contractions became absolutely unbearable once I had to be confined to the bed. By 2pm, I knew I needed the epidural. I got one by 3pm & my OB came in to check me somewhere between 4-5pm (the exact times get a little fuzzy here). I was at 6, nearing 7cm. She said this was really good progress & recommended breaking my water to let the baby descend further (she was very low) & push against my cervix. So that's what we did, the fluid was clear so that gave me some reassurance the baby was doing a-ok despite the fact that her heart rate wasn’t very reactive. She left us alone to rest & labor for a few hours, coming back around 7:30pm to check me. We were at 9cm. She told the nurse to start preparing for delivery & said she'd be back in about an hour/ hour and a half to start pushing. We started pushing at 8:50pm. I was totally completely numb from the epidural & couldn't feel a thing so I was worried pushing would take forever. Fortunately, I started to regain some sensation about 30 mins into pushing & it was going really well.

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Wed, 09-14-2011 - 6:52pm
Congrats, great story! I hope you print this out to put in the baby book:) great job, she is adorable!

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Wed, 09-14-2011 - 9:59pm
I'm so glad you had a positive induction experience and are at peace with it!
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Thu, 09-15-2011 - 7:58am
So glad you had a good birth experience even though it wasn't like you planned! That's the important thing :) Haven is beautiful and I love all her hair! Hang in there with breastfeeding & fussy babies... it will get better. Just remember that nothing lasts forever and this stage will be over before you know it. I finally mastered breastfeeding in my moby and it has made my life much easier the past two weeks. I learned from Youtube (lol!) and I highly recommend it...
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Sun, 09-18-2011 - 11:05pm

Way to go, mommy! I love (most) birth stories. Inductions can be tricky - I'm so glad yours went so well! Plans or no plans, having a baby is tough stuff, and her hair is incredible!!!