James Quinn birth story

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James Quinn birth story
Fri, 09-09-2011 - 10:18pm

So this is my story of how James Quinn finally arrived into this world and my desperate attempt to have a VBAC.Warning, it took a long time and is a long story.

When I had my 39 week appt they told me they had scheduled my c-section for exactly 41 weeks with out telling me. At my 40 week appointment the informed me of the surgery. I protested because at my first apointment they told me I could go to 42 weeks to try to VBAC, but it turns out "the hospital doesn't like to let women go past 41 weeks." I told them I had a big problem volunteering for surgery when there was no medical reason threatening my or James' health. The offered to strip my membranes. Regretably I told them I'd rather not, only because we were closing on our new house the next morning and I HAD to be there. This was a Friday, so they told me to make an appointment for Monday, which was after we would have moved into our new house.

On Monday, after moving hadn't put me into labor, my internal exam reveiled I was still barely a finger tip and they couldn't strip my membranes.

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Fri, 09-09-2011 - 10:40pm
I laughed because I always go in saying I don't want an epidural, but man those contractions hurt, that the needle going in is nothing. Anyway, it was such a cute story, painful, but cute. I still can't believe how big he was. I love your new siggy...it is so cute and I can't believe how big Jane is getting. How is she doing as a big sister?
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Sat, 09-10-2011 - 10:59pm
HOLY CRAP! An earthquake during labor. INSANE! I'm glad you weren't in surgery!@
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Sun, 09-11-2011 - 3:38am
There was a poor woman in the OR ahead of me, too! I would havd freaked out!
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Sun, 09-11-2011 - 4:02pm
What a great story :) Congratulations on your moose... I hear you on being in love with a boy that you were sad about- I'm the same way with my little guy. I couldn't imagine having a girl right now!
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Mon, 09-12-2011 - 2:43am
What an amazing story, hope you printed it out for the baby book :) youre too funny...I was the same way tried to walk into the hospital...but just couldn't and had to give in the "hey everyone stare at me in pain wheelchair"
Congratulations on your sweet little boy!

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Mon, 09-12-2011 - 9:46am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy! Welcome to the world, James!

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